Experiencing life In Jesus, together.

A place where students belong.

Whether it’s during our middle or high school service, our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to have fun, worship God, hear bold content that speaks to their phase of life, and have adults in their world who care about them, believe in them, and help them navigate the ups and downs.
Middle School

Meets at 11 am on Sundays in The Garage

MS Group is our Middle School youth group program that takes place every Sunday morning during third service here at Grace. Our goal is to create a fun and encouraging environment where we play games, teach Bible, introduce students to the truth of Jesus Christ, and encourage them to whole heartedly follow Him.
High School

Meets at 6:30 pm on Sundays in The Garage

HS Group is our High School youth group program that takes place every Sunday night here at Grace. It consists of high-energy games, teaching, worship, and the opportunity to build genuine relationship with others.
We have a unique initiative we call “Launch”. It is an effort to give students the opportunity to experience camps, mission trips, etc., as well as offer the potential to earn a $500 college scholarship.

High School Life Groups

Life Groups are a space for High School students to connect, feel known, and grow together in their relationship with Jesus. And our goal is for every High School student to be in a Life Group!