PHASE Parenting Resources

The saying "It's Just a PHASE" usually referring to a particular time in a child's life where they are misbehaving and it's a reminder that they will grow out of it. We want to flip the message to "It's Just a PHASE, so Don't Miss It" because we believe that every life stage that a kid goes through matters and our goal is to partner with parents so that they can understand each PHASE and maximize their opportunities to impact their children.

A parent has 936 weeks between a child’s birth and graduation. We don’t want you to miss what’s happening during the critical phases of growing up.
— Kristin Ivy & Reggie Joiner

What are the best ways and times for us to make a spiritual connection with our children?

Every family is different, but below are the basic ideas of times. Find something that works for your family and stick to it.


What are some easy ways to have a conversation about spiritual things, Jesus and God?

We understand the struggle you feel with trying to have spiritual conversations with your children. But you CAN do it! Here are some ways to help you prepare for those times.